The Waterway Compound New Cairo

الاموره مهره

تاجر مميز
The Waterway Compound New Cairo

Enjoy Owning Your Unit Inside The Waterway Compound New Cairo

Are you looking for an integrated housing unit amid a life full of luxury and tranquility?! Book your unit now in a unique strategic location, surrounding all vital areas, and linking the most important cities and main roads.

Equity Developments offers you the best and most luxurious mega-projects, which is The Waterway Compound in the most important and important locations in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. The company was keen to provide various housing units within an integrated compound, with the diversification of spaces to give customers complete freedom to choose the most suitable for them.

The company was also determined to meet the requirements of customers inside the compound, so it announced suitable and appropriate prices for all residents of the compound, with the provision of entertainment and living services to the fullest, in addition to the various payment systems that the company implemented to own the unit with ease.

Waterway New Cairo Compound Location
The location is one of the most important sites that have won the admiration and attracted investors and customers to it because of its strategic importance due to its proximity to the most vital and main areas in New Cairo, and the most important features that distinguish the compound from other compounds are the following:

The Waterway is located near the most famous major universities in Cairo, including the American University, the Canadian University, Future University, and the German University.
It is close to the most important major cities such as Nasr City and Heliopolis.
It is also close to the best project, which is Al Rehab City.
It is a short distance from the most important airport, which is Cairo International Airport.
The Waterway New Cairo is located near the most important main street in Cairo, which is North Teseen street.
It is also close to the most important international schools, private hospitals, malls, and medical centers.
Close to the most important major projects in Cairo, such as Zizinia Gardens Project, and Hayat Residence Compound.