Vigor Mall New Capital

الاموره مهره

تاجر مميز
Vigor Mall New Capital

You Can Now Own Your Special Unit Inside Vigor Mall New Capital And Enjoy The Best Return On Investment In The Most Prestigious Areas Of The Downtown

Baron Real Estate Development Company has announced its new project in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, and it is one of the projects that include commercial and administrative units, they named it Vigor, as it is distinguished by its strategic location in the downtown area, the most prestigious area in the capital. The company’s slogan was “We give value to reality and secure your future.”

The project also includes many diverse services that worked to achieve everything that customers are looking for and achieve their desires, in addition to the distinguished prices that were offered to be suitable for all customers, so you can own your integrated unit inside Vigor Mall new administrative capital with great payment methods and for the longest possible period.

Vigor New Capital Location
Vigor Mall, the Administrative Capital, enjoys the best exceptional location, as it overlooks the largest international park, and is located on the main street Downtown.

In addition, it overlooks the main roads and axes linking it with the cities of Cairo, as it overlooks 3 corners (the corner of the main street is 75 meters, and on the corner of a side street of 40 meters, the corner of Central Park, it also makes your access to anywhere easy and faster.

Features of Vigor Mall in the new capital

The project is located immediately on one of the main axes, the northern bin Zayed axis.
The mall is just a few minutes away from Suez Road.
It is also close to the new capital’s international airport.
The mall is a short distance from the largest neighborhood, which is the government district.
Close to the monorail station.
Vigor is near the People’s Square.
A short distance from the largest companies, including petroleum companies, and computers.