Category Management in Procurement Course

Qspace center for training and development in Doha, Qatar announces the start of the registration For :

Category Management in Procurement Course

The Course

This new approach maximizes value from procurement by combining traditional techniques, with newer tools, techniques and approaches. We will give an understanding of the Category Management methodology with the necessary working knowledge of how this approach can be used, and is now being used, by World Class companies.

This seminar shows how Category Management maximises value from procurement by integrating supplier sourcing, supplier management, supplier development and supplier relationships management.

Effective Category Management of procurement and the supply chain can create economic profit for World Class supply chains; we will also demonstrate how this can be achieved.

The Goals

· Apply a thorough understanding of supply chain activities

· Identify, analyse and evaluate procurement opportunities

· Understand the keys aspects in category management

· Use tools and techniques

· Make procurement and supply chain organisational improvements

- For any further details about the time, cost and the place of helding the course, please don't hesitate contact me.

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